It is true that in the majority of cases where a Will is left the administration of the estate runs smoothly and the assets are distributed in accordance with the deceased wishes.

However, there is a common assumption that once a Will has been made it cannot be challenged.  This is false.  There are many reasons for disputing the contents of a will.  Sometimes a family member will argue that the Will has failed to leave reasonable financial provision for someone.

There might be a challenge that the deceased was coerced into making the Will or lacked mental capacity. 

In essence, if a Will has not properly been executed it may be invalid and can therefore be contested.  If it fails to covey the true intentions of the deceased it may also be capable of challenge.

Our skilled team have the experience and resources to make the enquiries on your behalf.  Often contesting a Will is the most contentious of matters.  Not only have the family lost a loved one but now there is dispute amongst the remaining family.  This adds to the stress of an already stressful situation.

If you are thinking of making a Will we strongly advise that you do it with the assistance of a Solicitor.  A properly drafted Will made with the benefit of expert legal advice is far more likely to stand up to challenge after a person is deceased. 

If you wish to challenge a Will you will need expert advice.  At Levins, we can provide you with that advice at a competitive price and with regard to the sensitivity of the situation.

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