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Why you should use a solicitor...

Why you should use a solicitor to draft a will (even though there are cheaper options)

There are many options when it comes to wills. You can use a will writing service or even have a go yourself but did you know that the only regulated will writers are solicitors. Why does this matter ? Would you rather have teeth extracted by a registered dentist, pop to the guy around the corner who has done it before, but has no qualifications or do it yourself as it costs less ? No- brainer.

Let me be clear – you don’t have to use a solicitor when writing your will and there are people who have wills not prepared by solicitors which are perfectly fine. But, please remember that wills are formal legal documents. If they are wrongly drafted they can be invalidated, which means that they are not worth the paper they are written on.

You obviously care enough about your financial affairs to have a will. Do you want your loved ones to find out after you have gone that there were mistakes in the drafting? This essentially means that your wishes might not be carried through.

The more complex your affairs the more reason to get it done properly as it affords you peace of mind. Consumers always have a choice about the goods and services they pay their hard- earned money for. A properly drafted will is equivalent to the cost of a new handset if you lose your mobile phone, a mini break with your partner or an annual gym membership.

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