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Voluntary Attendance Police St...

Voluntary Attendance Police Station

Voluntary Attendance Police Station

You have been contacted by the police and asked to come into a police station as a “volunteer” for a police interview.  What do you do next ?

Call us.  It is likely that you are worried about the process and want answers.  People can attend as volunteers for a range of offences including assaults, criminal damage and theft.

You might wonder some or all of the following :-

  • Do you have to go ?
  • What will happen ?
  • Will I be arrested ?

I’ve done nothing wrong and want me say.  Will I be allowed to explain my point of view ?

We can help.  At Levins we have extensive experience if assisting volunteers at the police station.  We can contact the officer on your behalf and arrange a suitable time for you to attend the police station.

You might think you have done nothing wrong and don’t require a solicitor but think it through.

  1. We are experts
  2. We can reduce your anxiety by explaining the process
  3. We are FREE

Get advice at the earliest opportunity rather than waiting until it is too late.

At Levins we attend voluntary interviews on a frequent basis.  We liaise with the police on your behalf and attend the police station with you to give advice and support.

We regularly attend in Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and further afield.  Please give us a call 0151 480 5777 or 0151 480 5833 (out of hours) contact crime@levinslaw.co.uk


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