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Success at the Court of Appeal

Success at the Court of Appeal

Success at the court of Appeal

Despite rejection by a single judge at the court of Appeal, we fought Sarah Brodie’s case until justice was done

A mum of four who set fire to a house causing those sleeping inside to dive for safety has had her prison sentence cut short by top judges.

Sarah Brodie was jailed for six years at Liverpool crown court on June 3rd after pleading guilty to arson reckless ad to whether life was endangered .

But during a hearing The Court of Appeal in London on October 28, Mr Justice Davis and Mr Justice Hickinbottom agreed to reduce the jail term from six years to four years and eight months.

During the first hearing in the summer, the court heard how the 51-year-old had been extremely drunk when she set fire to the mattress within the three-bedroom property on Fleet Lane in Parr on the morning of April 27, 2015.

Many of the people inside the home were sleeping when Brodie deliberately started the fire,

Seven people were left with no option but to jump from an upstairs window to save themselves as the flames quickly engulfed the property.

Two of the victims suffered broken bones as a result of diving from the burning building.

Mum of four who had earlier told friends that she wished to die, had to be dragged from the property to safety and was later treated for burns in the hospital.

Carmel Wilde, Defending, told the court that Brodie did not carry out the attack out of revenge or anger and she was devasted that she had caused any harms to her friends.

During sentencing, Judge David Aubrey


Carmel Wilde, defending, QC, said it was pure chance that no one was injured during the blaze which left a trail of “devastation and destruction”

Despite a positive advice on appeal a request for permission to appeal the sentence was refused by a single judge at the Court of Appeal leaving sarah with a difficult decision as to whether renew her appeal and risk a loss of time order. Following advice and support from Levins she decided to bank their advice and continued with her appeal successfully.

The sentence imposed is still substantial reflecting the seriousness of the case however it also takes into account the personal circumstances of the appellant.

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