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Power of Attorney – Don’t wait to set it up

Power of Attorney – Don’t wait to set it up

Samantha Partington of the Daily Mail has written a very moving article about the struggles she had obtaining a court of protection order following the death of her father. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/pensions/article-7353737/Mums-dementia-triggered-financial-nightmare-mustnt-wait-set-power-attorney.html

Samantha’s mother inherited the estate but was already suffering with dementia. This meant that her mother was unable to deal with her own affairs.

If a power of attorney had been in place the process would have been less costly and most importantly less stressful for the family.

In this case, it meant that the family ended up losing control over their mothers life. Ultimately, the Office of the Public Guardian was responsible for her affairs. It took seven months for Samantha to become a deputy. This then meant she could deal with her mothers affairs but she then had a legal duty to carry out the role and report back.

A power of attorney ensures that your directives and decisions in your best interest are carried out, by the person you wish to make decisions on your behalf. We find that many of our retired clients or those facing ill health instruct us to set one up on their behalf.

They are straight forward to set up and prices start from £300 plus VAT. Please contact Jessica Flaherty in our private client department who will be happy to discuss this matter with you.

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