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Many personal injury claims are straightforward, and in such cases we are able to achieve a quick and hassle-free settlement to ensure that you receive your compensation as soon as possible.

However, it is our ability to deal with more complex cases which really differentiates us from most personal injury lawyers. If liability is disputed, if your injuries are serious, or if there are other factors which may complicate your claim, we have the expertise to guide you through the litigation process.

Unlike most firms, at Levins you will always deal with a fully qualified and trained solicitor — from the first appointment through to the end of your case.

We deal with all manner of personal injury claims including road traffic accidents, accidents at work, and tripping and slipping claims. Before you consider instructing another firm of solicitors, ask them how much they plan to take from your compensation. At Levins we will never take more than 12% and you won’t have to pay for insurance that you don’t need. Whether your claim is worth a thousand pounds or more than a million, we have the experience to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Some of the more difficult cases in which we have recently been successful include:

  • Accidents in Guernsey, Turkey and off the coast of Puerto Rico
  • The recovery of damages from a convicted murderer
  • Pain syndromes arising from accidents
  • Historic abuse

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