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Motor Law – Free Initial Telephone Consultation

Motor Law – Free Initial Telephone Consultation

Did you know that most motor law offences don’t carry legal aid. The reason is simple. Most offences are not deemed serious enough for the defendant to need a solicitor.

If you are charged with dangerous driving or other serious offences, legal aid is available. As we hold a legal aid contract we can apply for legal aid on your behalf.

Unfortunately, if you are prosecuted for careless driving, speeding, using a mobile phone or other less serious offences, you are on your own unless you engage a solicitor privately.

When the summons drops most people don’t know whether to contact a solicitor or not. The threat of losing your job or not being able to run the kids around is extremely serious. We understand that a driving licence is a precious commodity and that a disqualification can lead to many problems.

We approach this by offering a free motor law triage. Whatever your motor law issue, you will have a telephone consultation with an experienced solicitor who can advise you of your options. If you want us to take your case, we offer a clear and transparent fixed fee service. There are no hidden extras. If you don’t wish to instruct us you have had the benefit of expert advice at no charge to you.

Call us today on 07398169441 or email motorlaw@levinslaw.co.uk

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