New Drivers Offence

Under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995, from the date of passing your driving test you are classed as a newly qualified driver. As such, you are subject to a two year probationary period.

If within this two year period you accumulates 6 or more penalty points, then your licence will be revoked by the DVLA.

The effect of this revocation is to remove your entitlement to drive. As such, in order for you to drive again, you will be required to apply to the DVLA for a provisional driving licence and then to successfully complete the theory and practical driving tests.

If you are a new driver and find yourself at risk of having your driving licence revoked, please contact us for advice on how we can help you.

It is extremely important to appreciate that the revocation of your license as a new driver means that your license has been revoked and you cannot drive until you have re-applied for your provisional licence and thereafter, you will not be entitled to a full driving license until you have re-taken your theory test and passed your full driving test.

If you drive whilst your license is revoked you will commit a further offence of driving otherwise than in accordance with a license which in itself attracts a fine and 3-6 penalty points.

Your licence being revoke is different from being disqualified from driving. If you are disqualified by a Court then you are disqualified from driving on any road or other public place. If you are disqualified from driving, then this means that you are disqualified from driving or holding a driving licence for the period of the disqualification (or in some cases until an extended re-test is passed). If you drive during the period of disqualification it is a very serious offence for which you may receive a sentence of imprisonment.

If you are a new driver and in your two year probationary period and are facing the prospect of having your licence revoked then please contact us to discuss how me can assist you.

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