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Levins Motor Law Fees – Clear and Transparent

All of our motor law cases begin with a free triage with a solicitor via telephone. We will advise you as to the merits of your case and give you an honest appraisal based on the information provided. We will not advise you to pursue any case which does not have merits.

At Levins we understand that clients want an open and transparent fee structure without the hidden extras. We don’t have different fees for different matters as we don’t want to overcomplicate it.

Most cases complete after one hearing. We therefore charge a set fee which includes considering evidence, preparation, attendances upon you and any witnesses including taking statements, advocacy at one hearing, letters and phone calls.

We will provide you with advice in relation to plea and likely sentence. Where you cannot anticipate the likely sentence, advice on the options available to the court in relation to sentencing. Where appropriate, advice on whether an exceptional hardship, or special reasons argument should be made.  If convicted we will provide advice or assistance in relation to any appeal but please note this is limited to advice.  If you wish to appeal there would be an additional charge for preparation and advocacy as it would represent a separate case.

If there is a second hearing we charge a reduced fee for our attendance.

We don’t charge any additional fee for travel, mileage, car parks for the hearings which take place in Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire or Clwyd.

If the hearing is outside of that area we charge a set travel rate of £200. There is never an additional cost for mileage or car parking.

If an expert report/court fee is required the cost is additional as it is a disbursement of the case.

There are three types of fee:

  1. Guilty plea
  2. Trial
  3. Exceptional Hardship/Special Reasons
Type of Hearing Fee Additional cost if second hearing
Guilty Plea £500 plus Vat (£600) £200 plus Vat (240)
Trial £1,300 plus Vat (£1,560) £300 plus Vat (£360)
Exceptional Hardship/Special Reasons £700 plus Vat (£840) £300 plus Vat (£360)

For example:-

  • One day trial in Manchester Magistrates Court. Total Fees £1,800 including VAT.
  • Guilty Plea in Warrington Magistrates. At the hearing it is adjourned for a second hearing. Total fees £900 including VAT plus £450 including VAT.
  • Exceptional Hardship at Leeds Magistrates – £1,200 including VAT plus £200 including VAT travel fee.
  • Guilty Plea Birmingham Magistrates, expert report required. Matter concludes in one hearing £900 including VAT plus £200 including VAT travel fee plus £300 for expert report.

We require a payment of at least half fees at the start of the case. If you choose to split the payment, the second and final payment is due 7 days before the hearing date.

We will always discuss the need for any disbursements in advance. The payment for disbursements is due before the instruction of any expert.


The key stages of your matter are based on the presumption that you have entered a guilty plea and have a date for your hearing.

  • Meet with your solicitor to provide instructions on what happened.
  • We will consider initial disclosure, and any other evidence and provide advice.
  • Arranging to take any witness statements if necessary
  • We will explain the court procedure to you so you know what to expect on the day of your hearing, and the sentencing options available to the court.
  • We will conduct any further preparatory work, obtain further instructions from you if necessary and answer any follow up queries you have.
  • We cannot provide a timescale of when your hearing will take place, as this depends on the court listing for that day.
  • We will attend court on the day and meet with you before going before the court.

Our motor law solicitor team cover all areas including Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Clwyd. We specialise in all motor offences including drink driving offences, drug driving offences, speeding offences, penalty point, failing to stop offences, using your mobile phone while driving offences. Contact us for a free initial telephone advice session with an experienced motor solicitor on 0151 480 5777 or email