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Money Laundering Solicitor

Money Laundering Solicitor

At Levins we have extensive experience of dealing with Money Laundering Prosecutions.  This is a type of serious fraud.  It is important that when you choose a Solicitor for this type of case that you choose experienced Solicitors as the cases are often complex.  The initial investigation can take a long time and it is not unusual for people to be charged up to 2 – 3 years after the investigation has started.

Often these cases go hand in hand with other prosecutions, such as drug cases.  It is closely linked to Criminal confiscation.  Simply, it is an offence whereby proceeds of criminal behaviour, such as selling drugs, are attempted to be hidden.  If a person can disguise the true origin of their money, it is difficult for the authorities to confiscate.  Therefore, Money Laundering is essentially an offence committed by those who want their illegitimate proceeds to look legitimate.  The law is governed by The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service:

Money laundering schemes can be very simple or highly sophisticated. Most sophisticated money laundering schemes involve three stages:

  • Placement – the process of getting criminal money into the financial system;
  • Layering – the process of moving money in the financial system through complex webs of transactions, often via offshore companies;
  • Integration – the process by which criminal money ultimately becomes absorbed into the economy, such as through investment in real estate.

Prosecutions for money laundering can involve any of these stages in the money laundering process.

At Levins we deal with simple and sophisticated money laundering cases.    Our job is to assist the client at every stage of the case.  This involves representation at the Police Station.  We can provide this free of charge as we hold a government contract to do so.

If charges are brought we will analyse the case, instruct an experienced barrister and also use highly skilled forensic accountants to consider the evidence and challenge the prosecution case.

If you face allegations of Money Laundering please contact us for a free initial consultation.  We are based solicitors in Huyton, Merseyside but are happy to travel nationwide to represent our clients.

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