Accredited Police Station Representative


Having worked for several firms across the North West, Peter has developed extensive and specialist  knowledge of case and trial preparation in the Magistrates’ and Crown Court. Peter has prepared cases ranging from domestic assaults to importation of drugs and murder. Peter prides himself on his attention to detail and his understanding of each case and each client’s specific needs. As a result of this approach Peter has a number of loyal clients who trust him to prepare their case.


Peter became an accredited police station representative in 2008 and has extensive knowledge of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and police procedure. Peter believes that the correct advice early on in the police investigation can be instrumental in whether a person faces charges or not. In his role as a police station representative, Peter attends on clients in the police station on an almost daily basis across the North West and North Wales.


Notable cases

R v T (2014) – Peter was involved both at the police station and throughout the Crown Court case for a client accused of a ‘hit and run’ murder.
R v B (2009) Peter was again involved both at the police station and throughout the Crown Court in a murder case was a male accused of a ‘one punch’ murder where the deceased died as a result of serious head injuries. The prosecution eventually reduced the charge to manslaughter and the client was found not guilty after trial.
R v B (2011) Peter worked alongside Jeremy Hawthorn and Nick Wrack QC defending a male accused of international drug dealing. This case involved a large London-based Turkish drug cartel and a Liverpool gang. It involved significant amounts of telephone evidence including covert surveillance and recordings.
R v F (2012) This was a high profile case involving a gang accused of being ‘guns for hire’. The case came to the attention of the national press when two of the gang were freed from the prison van on the way to court. Peter’s client eventually had the case against him dropped after the jury failed to return verdicts after two trials.
R v J (2011) Peter’s client was extradited from Cyprus after being linked to the sale of firearms including Uzis and a Sten gun. The client later received eight years in prison whilst others in the gang received 18 and 19 years.