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Levins secure acquittal for Po...

Levins secure acquittal for Polish lorry driver accused of importation of controlled drugs.

The defendant who was a Polish national was arrested at a warehouse in Liverpool having intended to deliver a legitimate cargo.  The premises were being observed by the police as they had been investigating a group of Merseyside men.  When the cab of the defendant’s vehicle was seized, a substantial quantity of Class A drugs was found.

The defendant told the police that he had no knowledge of the drugs.  The police challenged him to explain why he had made a previous visit to the same address given that there did not appear to be any activity at that address.  Further, they suggested that his vehicle was not capable of being unloaded as the tailgate was not functional.  There was no fork lift truck at the premises.

There were a number of other persons potentially involved and the defendant made no comment in his interview.  He was subsequently charged with importation of Class A drugs.

David Woods, Head of Crime at Levins prepared his defence including instructing an expert witness to consider the engineering of the tail lift.  This was with a view to refuting the evidence of the prosecution.  We engaged the assistance of a Polish paralegal so that the client could give us his detailed instructions without ambiguity.  Damien Nolan of Exchange Chambers was instructed to defend.

Following a lengthy trial at Liverpool Crown Court the jury found the defendant not guilty of all charges.  He was therefore acquitted of these extremely serious charges.  His co-accused all received lengthy custodial sentences.

David Woods said “Being charged with a serious offence can often be overwhelming, particularly if you are a foreigner far from home.  We are pleased to have assisted our client achieve justice.”

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