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Invited in for police interview

Invited in for police interview

Few things will seem as daunting as being asked to attend an interview under caution by the police.  Panic sets in.  What will happen ?  Why do they want to interview me?  Will I be arrested ?  Will I be handcuffed ?  Will I be taken to prison ?

The first thing to know is that this is an invitation.  The police don’t have to invite you.  They could arrest you.  If they have contacted you in advance to arrange an interview it means that they want you to go in as a volunteer.  They don’t want to lock you up.

The police are investigating a matter.  This generally means a complaint has taken place.  It could be an argument with a neighbour,  your dog biting someone in the park or a fight you didn’t start on a night out.  The list is endless.  Whatever the suspected offence, the police suspect you of being involved and they now want to know your side of it.

Interviews under caution usually take place at a police station.  They can take place somewhere else but they must always be recorded.  This is usually an audio recording but it could be making notes or in some cases a video recording.

You has to be informed you have a free right to have legal advice.   That’s right – there is no means testing in the police station.  ALL suspects are entitled to have free representation irrespective of your financial position.

What you say to the police when interviewed is crucial.   Often clients go into an interview unrepresented.  They think it will be quicker.  They think that they know what to do or have nothing to hide.  Why risk it ?  You need expert professional advice.  At Levins we have someone available to attend the police station  for FREE 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

If you have been invited in for a police interview give us a call.  We can make arrangements with the officers to attend the police station at a time which suits you.  We will speak to you before you attend and attend the police station with you.  Our job is to be there with you every step of the way.

At Levins we attend police stations daily and have been doing so for over 30 years.  We regularly attend for matters such as thefts, assaults, drug matters, money laundering and public order offences.  We are based in Merseyside but travel nationwide to protect and advance the rights of our clients.  Please call 0151 480 5777 to speak with one of our team or email crime@levinslaw.co.uk





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