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Family care proceedings

Family care proceedings

We recently represented a mother within Care Proceedings, issued at the Family Court in Liverpool.

Our client was the mother of two young children. Our client was in a relationship with the children’s father for some 14 years. The parents separated and the father then removed the children form the jurisdiction, without the mother’s consent. The family lived outside of the UK and the children were taken to another country by their father.

The mother issued private law proceedings and made an application to the High Court for the children to be returned to the jurisdiction. At that hearing the parents resolved the issue by way of consent and the children were returned to the jurisdiction and went to live with their mother.
The family then relocated to Merseyside area.

After this, the parent’s relationship deteriorated to the point whereby the children were considered to be at risk of immediate significant harm, due to emotional abuse, caused by the parents.
The local authority issued an application for an Interim Care Order, for them to share parental responsibility with the parents and a plan for the children to be placed away from the care of their parents, but to remain living with alternative family members.

The mother instructed our firm to represent her within care proceedings. The mother wished to care for the children on a long-term basis.
The children were placed with family members in the interim, arrangements were made for the children to have contact with their parents. After several case management/directions hearings, a final hearing was set.

The matter was listed for 5 days for a contested hearing. Our legal team fully prepared the mothers case and she instructed us that she wished for the children to be returned to her care. The father sought for the children to be returned to his care.

At the conclusion of the proceedings, the children were returned home to the mother’s care and arrangements were made for the children to spend some time with their father. An order was made which allowed the local authority to remain involved with the family, to offer support to the family, to ensure that the transition home for the children and contact arrangements ran smoothly.

The mother was extremely pleased to have her children return home to her care.

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