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Expert Solicitor Drugs Conspiracy/Importation

Expert Solicitor Drugs Conspiracy/Importation

Led by David Woods, partner and head of crime we provide expert advice to clients facing drug offences.

David Woods LLB (Hons)

David Woods


Dave and his team have years of experience representing clients in relation to drug offences.   Our assistance begins in the police station and continues until the case is completed.

We are willing to travel countrywide to represent our clients interests.  This includes police station advice and assistance.  You need to know that if you facing serious charges your solicitor will travel to you.  You also need to know that your solicitor is an expert in these matters.    Drug cases are extremely serious because of the sentences associated with them.  Many clients face double figures for supply/conspiracy.  Many clients are pulled into the net when an investigation of a family member or friend draws attention to them.

Our record speaks for itself.  Please see articles below:



If you need assistance in relation to this or any other criminal defence matter please call Dave Woods or one of his team on 0151 480 5777 or email crime@levinslaw.co.uk .  We provide 24/7  assistance on 0151 480 5833.

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