Employment Tribunal

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When you instruct Levins in an employment claim, your case will be handled by Jon Heath


Funding your employment tribunal case

Legal Expenses Insurance

People will often have the benefit of legal expenses insurance (LEI) without knowing it. LEI is part of other insurance policies such as home contents, and may be described as ‘legal help’ or ‘legal cover’. If your claim satisfies the policy conditions, your insurer will pay our fee. We are able to agree terms with the insurer, so you will not have to pay us from the money you are awarded.

No win: no fee

If we think that your claim has good prospect of success, we may be willing to act for you under a type of ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. This is also known as a damages-based agreement (DBA). Under our DBA, if we are successful in recovering compensation from your employer, we will charge 35% of the amount of compensation recovered and you will keep the remaining 65%. The 35% fee includes VAT and there are no hidden extras. If we are unsuccessful, and provided you have kept to your obligations under the DBA, there will be no charge to you.


The first step is to notify ACAS of your potential tribunal claim, and start the Early Conciliation process. This will alert an ACAS conciliator, who will talk with both employee and employer (or their representatives) in an attempt to settle the claim without involving the tribunal. Early Conciliation normally lasts for 28 days and it can only be extended by a further 2 weeks if both parties agree.

If the claim is not settled during Early Conciliation, we will prepare your tribunal documents and submit your claim to the tribunal. An employment judge will review the papers and make some case management orders to prepare the case for a final hearing. Most cases are listed for a final hearing within six months, though in more complex cases there may be one or more preliminary hearings and it may be closer to twelve months before the final hearing is convened.