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Do I need a Solicitor for a Dr...

Do I need a Solicitor for a Driving Offence ?


Do you need a solicitor if accused of a driving offence ?  You might have been caught speeding, careless driving or drink driving.  The short answer is NO.  Of course you can represent yourself.   Nobody has to have a solicitor to help them but please pause before setting off to court.  Ask yourself this ?  If I needed a tooth out would I do it myself or go to a dentist ?  If I needed to sell my house would I do it myself or go to an estate agent?  Need a hair cut, reach for the scissors or find a hairdresser ?

Of course people can represent themselves.  In simple, straight forward matters why not ?  It really comes down to paying for what you get.  If you want the best possible legal advice and assistance to navigate the system then you should always contact a solicitor.  Sometimes cost does play a part.  You have to weigh up is it worth spending out and what will I gain.

Our promise to you:

We NEVER take on a road traffic case without first considering whether there is a case.  If we don’t think you have a chance we will tell you.  Up front, no cost.

If we do take on your case, you will be looked after by solicitors with expertise in this area.  Please check out our “meet the team” to see who will be looking after you and what there expertise is

Our costs are competitive.  They are clear and transparent and there are never any hidden costs.  Just check out our website for details

PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A FREE TELEPHONE ASSESSMENT OF YOUR CASE 07398169441 or email motorlaw@levinslaw.co.uk




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