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Crown drops charges – Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

Crown drops charges – Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

In October 2018 at Mold Crown Court, Levins were successful in relation to a young woman charged with conspiracy to supply class a drugs.  The case was dealt with by head of department, David Woods and counsel,  Christopher Stables of Exchange Chambers.


The client had been arrested together with her boyfriend at a residential address where a Misuse of Drugs Act warrant had been executed.  Class A drugs were located on the premises.  The CPS made a decision to prosecute the male and his girlfriend.  Our client had no previous convictions and stated that she had no knowledge of the existence of the drugs.


The client appeared at the Crown Court and pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to supply.  David Woods and his team together with Mr Stables examined the evidence in great depth.  Using years of knowledge and experience of these types of cases they persuaded the CPS to not proceed with the case against the young woman.


The client was acquitted and understandably was relieved that the matter had concluded.  Her parents emailed us to express their thanks:-


We cannot begin to tell you how we are feeling at the moment.  We are all so extremely relieved it has been  rollercoaster that we are glad to get off and hope we never to take the ride again!!

 We really do not know how to say thank you to you for your support and professionalism throughout this time.


Throughout this whole ordeal you have been straight with us, said it as it is but also have an amazing way of putting people at ease and explaining things in plain English !!  We really do not know how we would have gotten through this without you.  From the first day that we met you we felt that you had it all under control, you took everything a step at a time and also went through everything in detail….


Our thanks also go to Chris Stables – who is an amazing Barrister.  You both are a really good match.  What ever he was working away at behind the scenes we are truly grateful for his support.

 In the most heartfelt of ways we hope our paths never have to cross unless it is for something not involving the law.


Levins are able to assist upon the most serious of matters and will travel nationwide to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.  If you require assistance please call us on  0151 480 5777 or email crime@levinslaw.co.uk



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