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Conveyancing online quote and choosing a conveyancer

Conveyancing online quote and choosing a conveyancer

We have always prided ourselves on providing good customer service from the start of a case to the end. For many conveyancing matters, our first interaction begins with a telephone quote. We decided that we needed to introduce an online quote as it was clear that there was market demand. We still get lots of telephone quotes and that is fine but if you prefer to get a quote whilst eating your sandwich at your desk we have our online quote generator.

It was really important to us that the online quote was detailed and transparent. Too many online quotes seem to only give the basic fees and don’t give the full picture. Conveyancing can be expensive but it is often not the solicitor fees which make up the bulk of the expense but the disbursements. Searches have to be carried out from local searches to bankruptcy searches. Identification checks have to be done and in the case of purchases, stamp duty (if applicable) has to be paid.

Our online quote is clear. There are no hidden extras. We detail each and every cost. By all means check out our competitors but be aware if it is not quoted for it still has to be paid. There is no cutting corners in conveyancing. Put simply, if you don’t convey a house properly legal ownership does not pass.

Perhaps the best analogy is airlines. A passenger enters their details and is given a quote. It looks great but then you have to buy your seat and pay extra for luggage. This is what happens with quotes. A price is given which is attractive but please always dig deeper.

There is so much choice in the market but please beware as cheapest isn’t always best. Clients need to choose on price but also on service. Who is dealing withe your case ? If you wish, is there an opportunity to meet them ? Is your case being dealt with by a team or has one person got responsibility ?

So before you instruct a conveyancer please check our online quote tool or if you prefer give us a call on 0151 480 5777. One of our team will be happy to help.

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