Civil Litigation

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At Levins Solicitors we are able to deal with a broad range of civil disputes. If you are owed money, we are able to do much more than so-called “debt recovery” firms – we can bring court proceedings in your name and, once we have secured a county court judgment, we can assist you with enforcement. If the debt is disputed, we can represent you through to trial and beyond.

At the more complex end of the spectrum, we have achieved successful outcomes for both businesses and individuals in a number of high-value cases. We offer staged fees to give you certainty about how much you will have to pay and when. If you have legal expenses insurance, the insurer will usually pay our fees.

If you want to find out whether you have a case worth pursuing, we will assess your case and provide you with clear, pragmatic advice for a fixed fee of £300. Don’t be taken in by offers of free consultations – if you want advice you can rely on, come to Levins.