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Christmas and drink driving

Christmas and drink driving

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For many people having a drink at a festive gathering is a big part of the Christmas Season.  Office Christmas parties, drinks with old friends, family meals.  Diaries are booked up for pretty much the whole of December. 

Unfortunately, the number of arrests for drink driving almost doubles. Police have targeted campaigns in each area and the chances of being stopped and breathalysed increase.

The obvious answer is not to drink alcohol and drive.  Lots of pubs run campaigns when designated drivers are given free soft drinks.

One of the main issues is “the morning after the night before”.  When is it okay to drive? The answer is you don’t know !  You can guess but that’s all it is.  It means you are taking a risk.

The UK drink driving limit is 80mg of alcohol for every 100ml of blood.  Factors such as age, gender, weight, height, how much food you have consumed all add to the mix.  It’s not just how much you have had to drink.

If you are arrested and charged you need expert legal advice.  Not only could you face a penalty in court such as a fine, community penalty or prison but you will also face losing your driving licence.  To many people that is the biggest penalty.

At Levins, we are drink drive specialist lawyers.  If you are eligible for legal aid we will apply on your behalf.  If you are not eligible, our fees are reasonable and clear – no hidden extras.  We regularly attend courts in Merseyside, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire and we will travel to any court in England and Wales to provide you with quality representation.

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