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Coronavirus and Custody Time Limits for Prisoners

Custody time limits dictate the length of time that someone can be held in custody before the start of the trial. These rules are designed to ensure all persons are kept in custody for definite periods awaiting trial and ...

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Update on local lockdown – regulations published

The “local lockdown” regulations for Greater Manchester, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle, Rossendale, Calderdale and Kirklees are finally in force, having been made and laid before Parliament on 4 August 2020.

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New guidelines for sentencing defendants suffering with mental health issues, developmental disorders and neurological conditions

For many years it has been apparent to our criminal practitioners that the criminal justice system is not set up to deal with defendant's who have mental health issues, developmental disorders and neurological conditions.


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Encrypted Phones- Numerous arrests after National Crime Agency infiltrate the encrypted phone system “Enchrochat”

Yet another major Liverpool drugs trafficking ring has been blown open by police thanks to the unprecedented EncroChat messaging hack.

An area of law that comes around time and time again is in relation to defendants who turn 18 during the course of proceedings.

Ellis Thomas pleaded guilty to a relatively minor public order offence and was sentenced to a ...

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With temperatures predicted to rise to 29 degrees in the next few days the issue of leaving dogs in car is pushed to the forefront again.

Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act places a duty of care on people to ensure they t...

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Jury Trials and Covid 19

In a startling announcement, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland admitted that the right to a jury trial is in his sights and might be curtailed in a few weeks time.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the Crown Court case backlog was approximately 39,000 cases. Since lock...

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Why you should use a solicitor to draft a will (even though there are cheaper options)

There are many options when it comes to wills. You can use a will writing service or even have a go yourself but did you know that the only regulated will writers are solicitors. Why does this matter ? Would you rather have teeth extracted by a registered dentist, pop to ...

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Employment and the coronavirus

Employment and the coronavirus – What are the facts? What do employers and employees need to know ?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently at the forefront of the worldwide media, and the vast amount of u...

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Public Liability- Pavement Slips and Trips and Why you need a Solicitor ?

Accidents can happen anywhere, to anyone, yet this does not mean they are any less debilitating and can have a profound effect on your everyday life. Thankfully, our team at Levins are here to help in such circumstances. The law states that the local council must maintain it’s roads and pavements i...

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