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Ambassador for St Helen’s Learning Disability [LDRL] Super League Team

We are proud to announce a member of our staff is now an ambassador for St Helen's Learning Disability [LDRL] Super League Team

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Barrow in Furness Police Station – Conspiracy to Supply Drugs

Peter Haney recently attended Barrow in Furness Police Station to represent at client arrested on suspicion of Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs. The investigation was centred around whether our client had forced another drug user to allow him to use his home address for th...

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Intestacy Update – Statutory Legacy increase to £270,000 for spouses

A recent change to the Intestacy Rules increases the statutory legacy for partners who die without a valid Will (intestate) to £270,000 from £250,000. The change is due to come into force on 6 February 2020.

As a criminal practitioner I would make a good guest at a dinner party. Everyone knows the law. People used to watch "The Bill" and now it's "24 Hours in Police Custody".

Every now and then "Coronation Street" or one ...

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I’ve been interviewed by the police without a solicitor – next steps

The starting point is that everyone should have a representative at the police station. It doesn't matter whether this is a voluntary attendance or an arrest. Often, we are contacted by clients who have...

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Domestic Violence Solicitor

At Levins, our family law department has years of expertise in dealing with domestic abuse cases.   We understand that many of our clients who are going through these issues lack confidence.  They are suffering and often feel alone and powerless.  There m...

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Levins Solicitors offers competitive 12% success fee rates for Personal Injury Claims

We conduct our personal injury and Medical Negligence claims on what is known as a Conditional Fee Arrangement (‘CFA’), commonly known as a ‘No-Win No-Fee.’ This provides you with protection over costs, so that if your cl...

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First Time Buyers Benefit from a Wave of Cheap Mortgages

Some good news at last for First-time buyers as a new wave of cheap mortgage deals, are on the market in August 2019.

This coincides with the rush to get into a new property for Christmas.

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Personal Injury Claims

Levins Solicitors is a well-known law firm situated in the heart of Huyton, providing expert legal advice since 1986. We have a specialist team who deal with every type of Personal Injury Claim, such as:

Having burst onto the Festival scene 20 years ago at the old Liverpool airport site our local Cheshire festival has grown into one of the biggest weekends in the festival calendar. The Festival attracts over 70,000 festival goers over the weekend event from all over the coun...

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