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Defending a Motoring Charge – Legal Aid

  It is common for us to receive telephone calls from clients facin...

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Specialist Road Traffic Solicitors Liverpool

Happy New Year. For some motorists, January brings the dreaded brown envelope on the mat.   Many people over Christmas have been caught drink driving, speeding, failing to give a specimen of breath or drug driving. The problem now is what to do about the impending court appearance.  The chance...

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Non-Disclosure Agreements

In any form of business arrangement, confidentiality is key. Whether this is day to day business information, knowledge of product innovation, customer details or high value data, following a non-disclosure agreement is imperative when dealing with third parties. What is a Non-Disclosure ...

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‘Just a chat’ – that dangers of voluntary interviews with police

‘Just a chat’, ‘nothing to worry about’, ‘just procedure’… are some of the things you could hear from the police if your accused of a criminal offence that the police would like to speak to you about. Due to various reasons such as budget cuts, low staffing levels and closures of police custody s...

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British Sign Language Assistance

At Levins we are continually looking to improve our service and accessibility for all clients. One of our partners, Tracy Morgan is Signature Level 1 qualified.  This enables her to communicate at a conversational level. We are  now pleased to announce that we have a member of staff on our tea...

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Fail to Provide a Specimen of Breath (suspicion drink driving)

At Christmas police have campaigns to discourage drink driving.  You will also find more police officers out and about stopping vehicles and breathalysing drivers. If you are stopped for suspected drink driving, you will provide an initial sample of breath.  ...

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Expert Road Traffic Solicitors Merseyside

Have you heard of the new solicitor transparency rules ? The rules come into effect for Solicitors in December 2018.  Not the most exciting thing to think about this Christmas but the aim of the new Transparency Rules is to make sure consumers have the information they need to make an informed choic...

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Christmas and drink driving

Free Drinking And Driving Royalty Free Stock Photo - 8364275 For many people having a drink at a festive gathering is a big part of the Christmas Season.  Office Christmas parties, drinks...

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The big issue

In what circumstances is it an abuse of process for a claimant to pay a lower issue fee than the claim merits? And how should the court respond?

The decision of Mr John Male QC in Lewis & Ors v Ward Hadaway (a firm) [2015] EWHC 3503 (Ch) has sent ripples throu...

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