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Firearms – New sentencing guidelines from January 2021

Eight new guidelines have been published for Firearms offences following an earlier consultation. The guidelines will come into force on 1 January 2021.

What are sentencing guidelines?

Did you know that e-scooters fall within the definition of a motor vehicle? You would not be alone if you said no. Due to the growing popularity of e-scooters and general ignorance in respect of the laws governing them, the Metropolitan Police have issued an open letter to r...

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Attorney General’s power to refer sentence for being “unduly lenient”

If the Attorney General believes that a sentence is "unduly lenient", or too soft as the newspapers may say, she can ask for the case to be referred back to court to be reconsidered.

This is what happened to Taha Amin. He ...

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Pre-charge engagement between defence and police

New guidelines take effect in the next few weeks, which will promote pre-charge engagement between the defence and police.

What is pre-charge engagement?


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Failure to provide a specimen of breath – what you need to know

Failure to provide a specimen of breath

Section 7 Road Traffic Act 1988 states that a person who, without reasonable excuse, Read More

Encrypted electronic communications “Encrochat”

Over the past two nights Channel 4’s ’24 Hours in Police Custody followed a covert police unit track a smuggling operation bringing huge quantities of drugs into the UK. The operation were seen to be using Read More

Terrorism – Released Early Appeal

High Court Clarifies Release Provisions

The High Court this week confirmed that the new release provisions, applying to some offenders, operate retrospectively.

In a startling announcement, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland admitted that the right to a jury trial is in his sights and might be curtailed in a few weeks’ time.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the Crown Court case bac...

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World Mental Health Day – An Employers Perspective

This year has been crazy. People from all walks of life are trying to process the changes to our daily lives. Things are uncertain and anxiety is high.

Attitudes to mental health have changed during my time as a solicit...

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MMU lockdown students detained unlawfully?

Around 1,500 students in halls of residence were sent an email by Manchester Metropolitan University (‘MMU’) on Friday telling them they must self-isolate in their accommodation for 14 days in a bid to contain a coronavirus outbreak. Security guards preventing students from ...

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