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Allegation – Unfit Through D...

Allegation – Unfit Through Drugs : Drive / Attempt to Drive

R v Mr T – Leeds Magistrates’ Court

Client was arrested whilst sat in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. The engine was off and the car was stationary in the car park outside a public house. Client produced a positive saliva test in respect of cannabis. He was taken to Elland Road Police Station and a blood sample was taken which produced a result of 3.1 microgrammes in THC (Cannabis). Client advised that he had driven to the pub with the intention of having a few drinks and intended to leave his car in the car park – thus he had no intention to drive.

He accepted that he and his friend had smoke a cannabis joint in his car after they had arrived at the pub and parked up. Client was acquitted after trial after it was accepted that there was no intention to drive his car after he had smoked the cannabis.

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