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Advice for our Conveyancing Clients – Coronvirus

Advice for our Conveyancing Clients – Coronvirus

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current “lockdown it is our advice for clients who are purchasing/selling a property to put completion on hold for a minimum of 3 weeks and for the matter to be then reviewed. We anticipate other responsible conveyancing practices will be issuing similar advice in due course.

Physical estate agents and removal companies are not “essential business” and should therefore be closed as from today and unable to offer their usual services.

We are also advised that some mortgage lenders are stopping new applications and others have closed call centres which leaves a lot of uncertainty regarding existing applications and the process generally. We will not jeopardise your transaction by committing you to buy or sell when you may not be able to deliver in accordance with your contractual obligations. A mistake could be very expensive indeed and the worry created will definitely ruin any joy or excitement you should otherwise feel.  

We are of course, happy to progress all matters as far as we are able and intend taking all matters as far as possible, but ask that clients please bear in mind the current restrictions that are subject to review on or about  14 April 2020 that may yet take the decision away from you.

If any of our clients wish to speak to us further as they believe they could and should carry on regardless please give us a call on 0151 480 5777 or email us at property@levinslaw.co.uk. We fully appreciate not one size fits all.

Please keep healthy and safe during this period of uncertainty.

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