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Monthly Archives: 23rd October 2018

New Build Property – What is Completion on Notice ?

What is Completion on Notice ?

You have chosen the plot for your dream home, wandered around the show house taking measurements and are ready to be given a date to move in. The developer won’t give you a completion date. This causes anxiety for the buyer as they want to know when exactl...

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Discrimination at work

Discrimination at work -  The Equality Act 2010 is a law that protects us from unfair and illegal treatment at work. But how do you decide upon when you’ve been treated unfairly? How do I identify discrimination at work? Discrimination against the Equality Act 2010 is unlawful...

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When do I need a grant of probate?

When is a grant of probate needed? Most of us understand that writing a will helps your loved ones deal with your affairs after you have passed away. We are often asked “What is a grant of probate and do I need one?”  This is an area of law which is commonly misunderstood. ...

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