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Non-Accidental Injuries

If you have ever taken your child to the hospital or to see a GP with an injury that you cannot explain, you may have heard the phrase ‘non-accidental injury’. When a child is taken to see a medical professional with a complaint of an injury, the GP or Doctor has a duty to safeguard the child. If...

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Solicitor representation for my child failing to attend at school

As a parent you are legally responsible for ensuring that your children receive a suitable education. Should your child fail to regularly attend the school at which he/she is registered then the council may take legal action against you and you may be prosecuted for your child failing to attend scho...

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Domestic Violence Victims

Many people believe that domestic abuse is only physical violence, where you have bruises or scars to show that you are a victim. However, domestic abuse takes many forms including not only physical but also emotional and financial abuse. There are numerous options available to you and these can ...

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The law of misrepresentation

Misrepresentation is a complex area of the law because there are several different ways in which a misrepresentation can be relied upon by an innocent party. Misrepresentation may be a ground for rescinding a contract; it may sound in damages in the torts of deceit or negligence; it may give rise to...

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Do I need a will?

Planning for the future is essential but despite our best intentions this often gets side-lined in our busy lives.  Yet it is one of the most important things we can ever do. Many people delay thinking about making a will despite the fact that it is neither complicated nor expensive. Not only does i...

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Police Interview – Volunteer – Free Advice and Assistance

The majority of suspects are arrested and interviewed under arrest.  Over recent years there has been a move to voluntary police interviews.  What does that mean in practice? It is far more advantageous to be invited to a police station than taken there under arrest.  This is because the suspect ...

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Private Client Fixed Fee Service

We are pleased to provide a fixed fee service for the following Private Client matters:
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Court of Protection
  • Wills
  • Probate – Grant only
  We confirm that our fees are as follows:

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Public Order Offences

Public Order Offences – A Whistle Stop Tour

At Levins we often deal with people who have been arrested for Public Order Offences but what does that mean ? There are numerous offences which come under this category.  This includes, threatening behaviour, disorderly behaviour, harassment,...

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Government considering electronic Will proposals

Government considering electronic Will proposals. The Law Society Gazette has recently reported that the Government is to consider electronic Will proposals. Junior Justice Minister, Phillip Lee, has stated that 'the Law Commission is currently considering the law of Wills, including how the l...

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Levins solicitors warns changes to powers of attorney may leave older and vulnerable at risk

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